7-Day River Cruise Tours

Heart of Germany

7 Days starting from $3,400

Sail along the picturesque Main River—Germany’s heart and soul—on this enriching itinerary. This is the land of Franconian wine and Bavarian beer, where the famed “Romantic Road” leads to charming Old Towns that evoke a fairy-tale Europe. Explore the.. (click for more)

8-Day River Cruise Tours

Christmas Markets on the Rhine

8 Days starting from $3,495

Cruise the lovely Rhine River, visit Christmas markets in Germany and France, explore Freiburg and Strasbourg on Connections-exclusive excursions and view the glassworks at the stunning Lalique Museum... (click for more)

Christmas Along the Rhine

8 Days starting from $3,495

On a leisurely cruise along the Rhine River, explore Cologne's Christmas markets and a Connections-exclusive chocolate-making workshop. Enjoy Christmas Eve in Speyer and Christmas Day in charming Strasbourg... (click for more)

Rhine Getaway

8 Days starting from $3,879

Visit all the highlights of the legendary Rhine in just 8 days. In Germany, see the many charming castles commanding the riverbanks as you sail by, and tour both Marksburg Castle and the ruins of Heidelberg Castle. Admire Cologne, the jewel of the Rh.. (click for more)

Romantic Danube

8 Days starting from $3,879

During this 8-day journey, encounter the grand cities and quaint villages along the celebrated Danube River. Explore both sides of Hungary’s capital—traditional “Buda” and more cosmopolitan “Pest”—and from Fishermen’s Bastion, see how the river divid.. (click for more)

Danube Waltz

8 Days starting from $4,799

This 8-day itinerary takes you through four of Europe’s most enchanting countries along the storied Danube River; Austria, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia. Explore Budapest’s imperial and Art Nouveau delights, and take a comprehensive tour of beautiful.. (click for more)

9-Day River Cruise Tours

Christmas on the Danube

9 Days starting from $1,799

Begin your holiday season with a relaxing cruise along the scenic Danube River, stopping at traditional Christmas markets in Vienna, Regensburg, Passau, Rothenburg and Nuremberg. Nuremberg is home to one of the oldest and largest Christmas markets in.. (click for more)

Christmas Along the Danube

9 Days starting from $3,795

Along the peaceful Danube, visit Christmas markets, enjoy Christmas Eve in charming Dürnstein, awaken Christmas morning in magical Vienna and make a Connections-exclusive stop at Bratislava's "Blue Church.".. (click for more)

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